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Peer pressure is the influence that a peer group places on someone to change their behavior, values, or beliefs in order to conform to group norms. Think about a time that you gave into peer pressure and how it made you feel. Were you nervous? Disappointed in you? Did you feel guilty? There are a lot of reasons why someone might give into peer pressure:

• They don’t want their friend to be mad at them
• They want to fit in and be liked
• They want to seem more grown up
• They don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings
• They don’t know how to get out of a situation

If you’re in a situation where you face direct or indirect peer pressure, what are some things you can do to diffuse the situation?

• Suggest an alternative
• Stand up tall and confidently say no
• Be prepared to resist alcohol
• Stand up for others
• Take a reality check - most teens DON’T drink alcohol
• Remember the consequences
• Walk away from the situation

Most of all, remember that most people will respect any decision that you make.